What advice I wished someone told me about mental health

I'm actually really excited about this post because I think it will bring me a lot of healing and hopefully give someone else something that they needed in their life. I'm not a mental health expert. Let's make that clear. But I've struggled with mental health for a long time. I kept my struggles quiet … Continue reading What advice I wished someone told me about mental health

A difficult topic

This is going to be one of the hardest things I have written but I want to have this conversation. I think it is really important to talk about topics that are uncomfortable. They are usually ones the conversations that need to be had. Over the past few years, or even just in 2018, we … Continue reading A difficult topic

Just Get Over It

Just get over it. You aren't trying hard enough. Stop being dramatic. This isn't a real thing. Anyone who suffers from a mental health disorder has heard all of this before. Probably one too many times. I've heard this from people before I could even understand what I was going through, before I learned it … Continue reading Just Get Over It