Redefining Friendship

One of the things I have struggled with during my peak of my anxiety and depression was the idea of friends. I grew up on a military base so I was used to people coming in and out of my life pretty frequently. However, when I got to college, I thought it was like a … Continue reading Redefining Friendship

My fave feel good shows

When you have anxiety and depression, it is important to have an outlet where you can forget about what is going on in life and disappear in a world that doesn't really exist. Where I can be totally invested in somebody else's life, even if they are fictional. One of the things I love about … Continue reading My fave feel good shows

Just Get Over It

Just get over it. You aren't trying hard enough. Stop being dramatic. This isn't a real thing. Anyone who suffers from a mental health disorder has heard all of this before. Probably one too many times. I've heard this from people before I could even understand what I was going through, before I learned it … Continue reading Just Get Over It

Mental Health in a Relationship: First Time Sharing

I am going to start a series where I talk about mental health in relationships and how it all affects everything. I'm going to cover multiple different aspects of relationships and my story with how mental health affected my relationships. It is important to note that everyone is different and every relationship is different. My … Continue reading Mental Health in a Relationship: First Time Sharing