Starting Fresh

Well hello again. It’s been a few months since I’ve updated you all so let me catch you up. It’s definitely been an adventure.

I graduated from ASU with my Masters in Education. Yay! That was such a huge accomplishment for me and it was proud moment. I took the time to just revel in that for a bit. Well really I took about 2 days between graduating and starting my new job.

Speaking of my new job, it’s really a funny story. I quit.

Now, I enjoyed working at this job and the people I met there were absolutely incredible. I wish more than anything that it would have worked but I made a decision that was in my best interest. I think I was naive to believe that I would survive in a competitive sales environment with my history of anxiety. I became so engrossed in numbers and not hitting numbers and failing before I really got started. It got to a point where I couldn’t do my job properly because I was so certain that I would fail. Even though I was surrounded by people who believed in me and were coaching me to be the best I could be, I was only going to struggle with my mindset throughout my entire career there. After a lot of consideration, I chose to make a big jump of faith and leave.

This was the scariest choice that I have ever made as I just left without any real plan of what’s next. But, I am proud of myself. I put my health and wellness first. I’m in a place of extreme uncertainty at the moment, which gives me so much anxiety as you might have guessed. But I would rather be in a place where I can continue to search for what I really will be happy doing than secure in a job that makes me miserable. I know that I’ll figure it out and will get by for the time being. So I’m going to use this time to continue doing things I love while searching for my passion project that I can make a career.

So I’m hoping that I will get back into writing again as I put that on hold while at my job. Writing brings me joy and I want to continue writing about things that I love and create things I love. So hopefully I’ll be on here more so be on the lookout for some new content. And if you want to pay me to write on occasion, that would be dope. Okay thanks bye!

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