Let me tell you: I have a new guilty pleasure

We all have guilty pleasures. Things that people may think are strange but you thoroughly enjoy. For example, I love reality TV on networks like TLC and MTV. I live for it. Anyways, I recently have been into a new show that I want to talk about. I watch Crikey, It’s the Irwins every single week because I absolutely love it. 

You are probably aware of Steve Irwin aka the Crocodile Hunter. His name is pretty much synonymous with animal shows and wildlife conservation. Fun fact, I looked pretty similar to Bindi Irwin when I was younger. So even though Steve has passed, his wife Terri and his kids, Bindi and Robert have continued working in wildlife conservation and are popping back up in the public eye. Within the last few months, they now have a TV show on Animal Planet that follows their journey working in the Australia Zoo keeping Steve’s legacy alive. It’s incredible. 

So I have always had a love for animals. I understand zoos are a controversial thing, but any time I am at a zoo, I feel at peace. I can just sit watching the animals all day. It is an odd thing but I have felt like I can connect with animals. It is strange and usually animals I am not the fondest of like me more. For a long time, I contemplated working in wildlife conservation or working with animals in some way. My dream is to be able to experience animals in the wild in their environments. Anyways, the show follows their journey with sharing incredible animals with people but the conservation efforts they are doing. They have a huge animal hospital that rescues wildlife in the area and releases them once healthy. They have breeding programs for so many animals that are in danger in the wild. You see the animals happy and healthy. 

I think one of the best thing about the show is showing animal experiences in ways that you don’t often get to. They have shown animals being born, new animals being introduced to the zoo and the unfortunate end to some animals. There was one bird that had been at the zoo since Steve was there and it was very emotional to watch. They often include clips from Crocodile Hunter which brings nostalgia and emotions. But it also is inspiring to see how his children have taken his dreams and following them. 

Watching this show has reminded me of the importance of animal conservation and how much work needs to be done. Now, I’m not saying I am going to drop everything I have to work in this field but it is definitely something I want to explore and see what I could do on a smaller scale. I absolutely love taking the hour out of my Sunday night to stop what I have going on in my life to see amazing people doing amazing things in the world. So if you get a chance, definitely check it out!  

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