My Planner has Saved me

I had been in a rut lately where I told myself I was going to do a lot of things, but I just didn’t. I would tell myself that I could put off going grocery shopping until tomorrow and picking up my prescriptions could wait a few more days. It became so bad that I was always at home, telling myself that I would everything the next day and the next. As you can see, I was starting to drown. I need something to kick me in the butt. Now, let me tell you this. I love having a calendar. I have a white board calendar at home where I can just look at a big picture of what my month looks like. This one has mostly holidays and birthdays and things I like to know from a distance. Plus I just like writing on a white board. I also have my calendar in my phone that mostly has work responsibilities and meetings on it. This helps me keep on schedule and reminds me when I have meetings coming up. However, I did not have a place where I could organize my days: work, school, family obligations, social events and personal things. So I got a planner.

I was in Barnes and Noble looking for some books and I came across the planners. I started looking through them because they are cute but then I started thinking. I had been in this rut and realized that this may be the thing I needed to get me out. I bought one with the title “I Am Very Busy” from Band.o because it spoke to my mood. So I went home and I immediately opened it up to start adding to it. It had fun stickers and lots of really cool fun artwork. One of the cool things about this planner was it had little motivational messages and new things to try. I think it is nice when I look at it every day to have something reminding me I can get through this week. I started putting down the things someone would normally put in a planner, like birthdays, assignments due, important events and such. But I figured that I could go beyond that. Every week, I would look through the planner to see what I had going on so I could also figure out when to run errands and such. I knew that I had time to run to the store on this day so I would put it in the planner. I found I was more likely to just get something done instead of putting it off when it’s written down. I also could write reminders to last minute things that come up.

Since I’ve had it, I’ve been more productive than I think I have all year. I know what needs to be done and can look at my week ahead of time to prepare. Now, when last minute things come up, I am less likely to panic because I know when I have time to get it done and what things may possible stop me from doing it. I know that some people say that having your life planned out isn’t always the best but as someone who has anxiety and very much likes routines, it has been a life saver. So, I am really excited to see if this can carry on throughout the next year in additional to other changes I am making in my life.

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