Where I’ve been

Well hello everyone it’s been a bit of time. I had hoped to keep up on posting but I just have been incredibly busy and tired lately. There just has been a lot going on Since the beginning of October, I have been working constantly. For part of my Masters, I have been working with an office to plan a conference for Women in STEM. This happened the second week of October so the past weeks have been crunch time. I usually work about 8 or so hours a week at this office but I worked around 40 hours the week of the conference. My days were get up, drive to the conference site, and work until everyone has left and then go home to sleep and do it all over again. It was extremely tiring but worth it. I love working in the events field, planning, operations, logistics it all. While I work in operations of a event center basically, I don’t plan events or even work at the events. This was an opportunity for me to get back into it and be in the middle of the work. I love it and it definitely gave me a thought that I could potentially continue this as a career path, whether in higher education or not. What I love about event operations and logistics is its purpose. I have been grateful to work on events and projects that are fun but also allow people to gain a deeper meaning or experience from it. There is no greater feeling than having an attendee thank you for the event and how it has impacted them. In everything I do, I want to impact one person, even the smallest way. If I accomplish that, everything I put into that was worth it. Working at the conference destroyed my sleep schedule but there was no place I would rather be.

The past few weeks have been an interesting time in my personal life. My family is going through some personal matters that have taken a toll on me emotionally, which was unexpected. As I am preparing to graduate in the spring, I have to start thinking about my next steps in my career and finding a job. I have to start taking full responsibility for my own life and finances so my family can devote their resources to what is needed most. I have a masters degree but unfortunately, it is not enough to get a job these days. I’m starting to stress about if I am going to be able to find a job here or am I going to have to move to find work. Can I restart my life in a different state when it already is mentally hard for me here? Is my life here going to disappear and all of the people in it? I also have thought about what my responsibilities are to my family.  As someone who does not have ties anywhere currently, I can go to be with family members that may need extra help. However, I can’t guarantee that I would find work in my field in those areas so do I continue on my career path or take a break and find a job where my family is to do my part. It is a decision that is not easy to make nor should it be. I know that there is time to truly contemplate and understand it but this is something that I am thinking about now, which causes stress. I already have worries about finances currently and I’m already thinking about how this is going to affect my life in the next few years. It is a time in my life that is not planned out and I really don’t know what is next. The amount of anxiety it gives me is insane thinking that it is months away.

So yeah, I’ve been in a crazy few weeks with work that have taken up most of my time as well as being in a complicated mental state. I would thinking about writing in times when I could but my mind was too much for me to create coherent thoughts to share with you all. I’m hoping I can get back to writing again and it begins to be a healthy outlet for me again now that things have began to calm down a little bit. But the only thing I know for sure is life is unpredictable and I can’t guarantee anything. Signing off until next time I can write!

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