My fave feel good shows

When you have anxiety and depression, it is important to have an outlet where you can forget about what is going on in life and disappear in a world that doesn’t really exist. Where I can be totally invested in somebody else’s life, even if they are fictional. One of the things I love about watching TV shows is I can clear my mind and step into their world. Just imagine what life would be like if I was in their places. I also can watch how they deal with life and issues that are similar than mine. It gives me hope that I can turn my life around and tackle the demons that I deal with. So here are a few of my favorite shows that I love to watch to feel better.

  1. FRIENDS. I have been watching this show since way to early on in my childhood. I think I may have watched the entire series at least 30 times. So beside it being one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, I love being lost in these characters lives. I laugh at Joey and Chandler, I feel for Ross and Rachel and I die for Monica and Phoebe’s banter. It’s a show that makes me laugh, cry, and pretty much every other emotion out there. There are so many things I love about the show like how it was so open about sex and relationships, gay relationships, having children out of wedlock. It taught me a lot in life on how to trust in friends and follow my heart. All of the friends went through up and downs on the show but ended in a happy place. It makes me enjoy the moments in life and remember what is really important.
  2. Glee. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love musicals and music and the whole shebang. I started watching Glee in the first season and I was hooked. I loved how the show focused on music in a somewhat natural setting in a high school. So if you don’t know, this show pretty much showcased every issue that someone in high school and college can face including but not limited to: First loves and relationships, LGBTQ issues, bullying, teen pregnancy, death, and school shootings. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I was for a TV show to address so many progressive issues. I saw people who dealt with bullying like I did, moving away from home, long distance relationships and heartbreak. I felt everything they did in the show and was invested completely. I fell in love with the characters and the actors. The show dealt with depression and suicide in ways where I felt their struggles but grateful for a show to portray this to so many people. When Cory Monteith died, I was devastated. I felt it in my soul and for the actors on it. And the show paid tribute beautifully. The show ended so perfectly and gave me such closure. This show opened my eyes and heart and I’m so grateful that it was made.
  3. Baby Daddy. Now this is a feel good show. It is about a young irresponsible man in New York living with his brother, best friend, formerly fat neighbor from high school and his believes she’s younger than she is mother when he unexpectedly becomes a father. The shows the struggles of raising a child while being young and single. It is absolutely hilarious. The way this cast interacts with each other reminds me so much of Friends and their banter. I love it because it takes a modern twist on the sitcom and makes it relatable to people like me, coming into their twenties. They deal with life and relationships and growing up. It is all things that I can relate to and have gone through.

So these are a few shows that I love to watch when I’m not feeling the best. It gives me a nice outlet where I just forget about my life and remind me of the happy and hope in the world.

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