Let’s talk Disney

Something that you may not know about me is that I'm basically obsessed with Disney. My house has tons of Disney pictures and wall stickers and so many random things. I have three incredible art pieces of Disney that I absolutely love and I drink out of a Disney mug pretty much every day. When … Continue reading Let’s talk Disney

Let’s talk about money

As much as it sucks, money controls pretty much every aspect of our lives. We have to have it to survive. To pay rent, bills, food and cars. To go outside and do pretty much anything. And as most people who just graduated college, I don't have much of it. I know that it is … Continue reading Let’s talk about money


I am in an interesting place right now. I feel like I am stuck, especially in writing. I haven't been able to write lately and I'm not sure exactly why. I have been on this journey with this blog for a few months now but I have been using writing for an outlet for my … Continue reading Stuck