Follow Me: Oxford

Seeing as I was here for an higher education study abroad program, I was lucky enough to visit Oxford during my time in the UK. When you think of Oxford, there is that stereotypical genius posh people who believe they are the best of the best (which they are in some ways). But Oxford is so much more than just academic people. The architecture was absolutely stunning. One of the coolest things about Oxford was that it is a mix of historic buildings and somewhat modern looking ones. The historic buildings are so beautiful. The library and Christ Church are some of the most beautiful pieces of architecture I’ve ever seen. One of the other things I loved about Oxford was how most buildings had green squares and courtyards where students gathered and such. It is such a beautiful place. One of the weirdest things about Oxford is the college is spread throughout the town so the college is basically the whole town. It is something I’m not familiar with. But it means going to Oxford means you are going to interact with so many different people and cultures. People are just normal. They go to bars and restaurants and hang out with friends. We went to an amazing rooftop bar that overlooked all of the town and it was beautiful. Overall, Oxford is a great place to visit if you like historic architecture. If you have time in London for a day trip, I would highly recommend it.

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