I’m Hangry: My Relationship to Food

I've always had a complicated relationship with food. As a kid, I liked to snack like every other child and would be told to finish my dinner if I wanted any desert. However as I look back, I realize that my relationship with food changed as my mental health has changed through the years. I … Continue reading I’m Hangry: My Relationship to Food


Can I Really Do This? Self Efficacy

I had the opportunity to hear a psychologist speak about self efficacy, especially on a college campus. Now I know what your thinking. What the heck is self efficacy? I said the exact same thing. I took Psych 101 but I was so lost with all these big psych words. But basically there are two … Continue reading Can I Really Do This? Self Efficacy

Just Get Over It

Just get over it. You aren't trying hard enough. Stop being dramatic. This isn't a real thing. Anyone who suffers from a mental health disorder has heard all of this before. Probably one too many times. I've heard this from people before I could even understand what I was going through, before I learned it … Continue reading Just Get Over It